Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems

Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems

Public address and voice alarm systems can be installed along side fire alarm systems to improve the evacuation of people. These systems are essential in larger buildings or where phased evacuation(e.g. floor by floor) is required. Voice Alarm systems can be used to accurately direct people's escape in a controlled fashion. Typical installation locations include:

SAFE I. S. provide a full design, installation and maintenance service for all types of Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems.

Disabled Refuge Systems

Disabled refuge systems are now required in many buildings as requirement of the disabilities discrimination act. In the event of a fire, or other emergency, staff evacuate wheelchair-restricted and other disabled customers to a Refuge Area (designated place of safety). The refuge system can then be activated so that fire officers or building management are aware of their presence in the refuge area and can communicate with them.

We can design, install and commission disabled refuge systems to your specific requirements.

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