The new Government regulations regarding fire safety (Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005) replaces much of the previous legislation regarding fire safety in the work place, places to which the Public have access and multi occupied dwellings.

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The main requirements of the order:

As an integral part of your Fire Protection Strategy, your Fire Detection Systems are required to maintained and tested regularly by a professional Fire Alarm Company. A log book should be completed and on site. In addition to this the 'nominated person' should:

Fire Risk Assessments - Why are they required and who should carry them out? .... Helpful notes from the Institute of Fire Engineers.

The Disabilities Discrimination Act requires that disabled refuge systems are now required in many buildings. In the event of a fire, or any other emergency staff are required to evacuate wheel-chaired restricted and other disabled employees or visitors to a Refuge area. A refuge system can then be activated so that fire officers or building management are aware of their presence in the Refuge area and are able to communicate with them.

When considering your responsibilities, your Insurers should be considered. In the event of your having to make a claim arising from a fire situation, they will of course judge that claim on the basis that a correctly functioning and fully maintained Fire Protection System was in place at the time.

Overall these procedures are in place to protect assets and more importantly lives.

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