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Frequently Asked Questions - Fire Risk Assessment

The FAQ section is designed to help you with your Fire Risk Assessment questions; however please feel free to call us 0800 955 3580 if you would like more detailed information.

Why do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

This is now part of English law, under the "Regulatory Reform Act 2005". If you have a HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) property or ANY business premises which employs 5 or more persons, including part time staff, or you have members of the general public in the premises

What is the Fire Regulatory Reform Act 2005?

This is a government act, introduced to improve the fire safety in the workplaces and all public premises. Each business is required to have a "responsible person" to monitor the compliance.

What benefit does the Fire Risk Assessment give me and my business?

It identifies risk and helps you manage it for the benefit of all staff and members of public.

What sort of organisation or business needs a Fire Risk Assessment?

Any business premises with 5 or more staff or a public premises.

What does the assessor do during his visit?

Our assessor walks around the premises and takes time getting to understand your business, he will look at all safety aspects and regulatory requirements before compiling his detailed report.

How long does the visit last?

This depends on the size of the building but typically 2-3 hours.

Does the assessors visit, disrupt my business?

No, but the assessor does need to spend some time with the "Responsible Person" and have access to all areas.

What do I get at the end of the Fire Risk Assessment?

You will receive a bound insurance approved document detailing all the findings and a list of recommendations.

Do I need a Fire Risk Assessment every year?

No, it is your responsibility to keep this document updated with regular reviews. We would always advise that this is incorporated with a review meeting with ourselves, which we make a small charge.

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