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Fire Alarm Systems - Design, Supply & Installation

Fire Alarm Systems - Design, Supply & Installation

We Design, Install and Commission Fire Alarm Systems to meet BS5839 Part 1 2017

SAFE can provide, "A One Stop Shop" to protect your premises and employees. From the initial consultation and assessment of the risk, through to the certification, training and handover, we really can protect Life and Property with a suitable, affordable solution.

Here are a few of the Fire Alarm systems we install and most importantly certify for your insurance and compliance...

Conventional Fire Systems - Kentec, Advanced, JSB Menvier, Ctec, Twinflex, etc.

These systems are based on zoning of areas and are suitable for small to medium size premises including apartment buildings, offices and shops. The fire resistant cabling is usually installed from the main entrance of the premisses to each zone area and incorporates smoke and heat detectors along with manual breakglass units and electronic sounders.

Addressable Fire Systems - Gent, Advanced, Kentec, Morley, Ctec, Notifier, etc.

These types of system allow the user to see the precise location of the detector or manual breakglass activated and are generally suitable for medium to larger buildings, where the location of the activation is more critical. These systems are intelligent and more versatile to extend and adapted to changing operations or uses. Printers and Networking can also be achieved with these type of systems and can interface to a multitude of other services to control and signal others.

Radio Fire Systems - Hyfire, EMS, EDA, AICO, etc.

Radio technology has the addressable panel advantages, without the need for wiring. These types of systems are most advantageous; in listed buildings, as temporary fire alarm systems, buildings where wiring is not cost effective, or if minimal disruption is required to a working environment.

V.E.S.D.A. - Kidde, Xtralis, Stratos, Laser, etc.

VESDA systems give very early detection of smoke and are therefore suitable for protecting business critical areas such as server rooms or other IT installations. They are also used where access for regular servicing is limited or inaccessible i.e. Church's and lofts.

The systems give up to 4 levels of activation - e.g. Alert, Action, Fire 1 and Fire 2 - to allow for escalating responses.

SAFE I. S. Ltd have completed many projects large and small over the years and would be pleased to quote for any project including consulting and design.

We offer a "one stop shop" from design through to certification and handover; with full comprehensive service packages to follow.

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