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Frequently Asked Questions - Fire Alarms

The FAQ section is designed to help you with your Fire Alarm questions and answers; however please feel free to call us 0800 955 3580 if you would like more detailed information.

Why do I need a Fire alarm service contract?

This is a requirement of BS5839, the Fire Risk Assessment of your Premises and your legal requirements to your insurers.

What is British Standard 5839?

This is the British Standard that governs the service of a fire alarm system in the UK and forms part of English law.

What benefit does the service contract give me?

Full compliance to your legal obligation and insurance requirements; along with total "peace of mind".

What sort of organisation or business needs a fire alarm service contract?

Every company, individual and/or organisation, no one is exempt, where a Fire Alarm System is fitted as a requirement of planning laws and thus must be maintained.

Why do I need a minimum of 2 visits per year?

To comply with the minimum requirements of BS5839 2 visits are scheduled to ensure the Fire system is operational inc. detection, sounders, internal batteries, etc.

What does the engineer do when he visits?

He will ensure every callpoint and sounder, plus a minimum of 50% of the detection devices are working and the fire system as a whole is in good condition, inc. battery backup, etc.

Does the engineers visit, disrupt my business?

This is possibe, however it will depend on the type of system and location of equipment. Our engineers are flexible and normally work around any disruption issues including sound issues.

What do I get at the end of the service contract?

A certificate and report detailing our visit for you and your insurers and "Peace of mind"

Do I need a Fire Alarm service contract every year?

Yes, under BS5839

How long do the back-up batteries last for the Fire Alarm panel?

It depends on the fire panel location, temperature, etc., but as a rule of thumb, typically 4/5 years before new units or batteries will be required.

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