Fire Suppression & Extinguishing Systems

Fire Suppression & Extinguishing Systems

SAFE I. S. design, install and maintain all types of specialist fire extinguishing systems and associated testing services including:

Inert Gas Protection

These systems discharge blends of naturally occurring gases that lower oxygen levels below that required for sustainable combustion. These are safe for use in occupied areas. Inogen, FM200, CO2 and Argonite to name a few.

Water Mist Fire Protection

These compact systems offer superior fire suppression and minimal water damage compared to conventional sprinkler systems. They also provide a degree of smoke absorption and reduced smoke damage

Room Integrity Testing

BS5306 requires all gas suppression systems to be periodically tested to ensure that the rooms into which the gases will be discharged in the event of a fire can retain the gases sufficiently long to function effectively

SAFE I. S. specialise in the testing and servicing of these suppression systems. We can supply, install or service all types of systems. We have trained personnel, who are able to work in sensitive and hazardous area.

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